Flexforce Professionals, LLC is a flexible recruiting and staffing company serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  We match experienced professionals seeking fulfilling part-time employment with local businesses who have part-time, flexible, or project-based needs.

Our candidates are seasoned professionals with 10 or more years of experience and top-notch skills in business areas such as: Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Legal, Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Web Development, Research & Analysis, Technical & Proposal Writing, Training, Event Planning, and Administration. Our professionals work at affordable rates and require no benefits in exchange for the opportunity to work on flexible assignments.

By thinking with companies outside the full-time box, we help define customized roles that can be structured and filled with exceptional part-time talent to drive staffing costs lower and increase overall productivity.  Our placements can be part-time permanent, part-time temporary, project-based, virtual, or other customized options.  We offer smart solutions for organizations that are looking to:

  • Round out staff by adding specific expertise without adding a full-time employee
  • Fill a critical vacancy with someone who is dependable and can hit the ground running
  • Staff a special project that requires a specific skill set on a temporary basis
  • Create additional capacity to handle growth or seasonal fluctuations
  • Find an affordable alternative to consulting services
  • Hire conservatively to ensure the right employee before committing to a long-term investment

Flexforce solutions are a win-win for companies and candidates.  Contact us to learn more about how flexible work arrangements can help enhance your organization’s performance and improve the bottom line.